Don't let legal issues take you away from what matters most: making wine. The Winemakers' Lawyer can provide the expertise needed to protect your investment, so you can focus your time and energy doing what you love.

Judy Parker is a legal counselor dedicated to helping the Pacific Northwest's winemakers with a variety of legal topics including business formation, employment issues, regulatory compliance, and trademark registration. As a lawyer licensed in both Oregon and Washington, Judy has worked within the industry to help clients navigate state and federal regulations and laws to allow them to return to their passion.

About Judy

After years of experience practicing law, Judy took to working in the local wine industry to understand fully the needs of winemakers and owners, blending her legal expertise with a passion for wine.

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Practice Areas

Your investment of time should be protected. You’re making art but you need to sell it. Add to these competing pressures of state and federal laws and regulations and you can be overwhelmed. That’s where The Winemakers' Lawyer comes in.

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Publications & Press

In addition to Judy's work on wine-related legal matters, she has experience and involvement in a wide range of law topics.

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