European Union’s New Wine Labeling Requirements

Until 2024, exporting wines to Europe has including ensuring your labels are in line with that country’s laws. Now, as of January 1, the EU is also imposing a laundry list of items to put on your labels.

First, you must write on your labels the list of allergens – eggs, milks, sulfites.

Second, you must write on your labels (or include a QR code which brings your customer to your own URL which includes…) the ingredients, and percentages thereof, of what’s in your wine. This must also include calories*, fats, carbs, sugar, protein, and salt per 100 ml or per serving.

But calories are known as E, as in E.

Sparkling wines should be known as “cremant” or “sparkling wine.” You also need to add the sugars to the label for sparklings.