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Tasting Room Music – Beware!

Your favorite winemakers’ lawyer emails you: “Congrats! You’ve just gotten your OLCC WY ATO! But before you play music in your TR, beware of PRO letters from BMI or ASCAP or SESAC!” What on earth? Let’s break down those letters. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which licenses you an Authority to Operate for a Winery […]

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Idly flipping through Facebook one day, I saw a happy post: “Doctors and scientists agree, red wine is good for health!” So good, so far — if I were Roman, I’d have been at the temple of Bacchus. But then, the dreaded violation of TTB Circular 2013 13-01 happened…. Immediately following that relink were two […]

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The poster poser hoax

I received an email late last night – a client of mine has been receiving calls from the “US Corporate Compliance” office. Should I be concerned, said client wrote, should I be worried about not being in compliance? The answer is that yes, you should be in compliance, but no, not with these folks. Three […]

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Bologna and Wine? Always!

Every reader of this blog knows I love two things: international affairs and wine. Combine them and I’m thrilled. Let me introduce you to the Portland Bologna Sister City Association! I first met the good folks at PBSCA when I was serving as Director of International Relations for the Mayor of Portland. One of my […]

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Everyone forgets about the COUNTY

March 15 is your deadline for submitting your property assessment to the appropriate county in Oregon. What’s a property assessment? It is an assessment for any property owned by your winery in each county. When is it due? The report itself is due March 15. If you’ve got an assessment, it’ll be due November 15. […]

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Your eyes are still on timecards, right?

On Monday we discussed the rare breed of employee which is totally exempt from overtime and minimum wage laws. The rest of the employees are “non-exempt,” meaning those laws do apply to them. But a law wouldn’t be a law without an exception, would there? Certain  agricultural workers are exempt from overtime — that is, […]

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