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Idly flipping through Facebook one day, I saw a happy post: “Doctors and scientists agree, red wine is good for health!” So good, so far — if I were Roman, I’d have been at the temple of Bacchus. But then, the dreaded violation of TTB Circular 2013 13-01 happened…. Immediately following that relink were two […]

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The poster poser hoax

I received an email late last night – a client of mine has been receiving calls from the “US Corporate Compliance” office. Should I be concerned, said client wrote, should I be worried about not being in compliance? The answer is that yes, you should be in compliance, but no, not with these folks. Three […]

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Wine Event

Bologna and Wine? Always!

Every reader of this blog knows I love two things: international affairs and wine. Combine them and I’m thrilled. Let me introduce you to the Portland Bologna Sister City Association! I first met the good folks at PBSCA when I was serving as Director of International Relations for the Mayor of Portland. One of my […]

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Proposed Wine Regs for Washington Wineries

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is seeking input on proposed wine regulations. The proposed regulations have some expanded rights for domestic wineries (albeit those that pay an extra fee). As the regs currently stand, a domestic winery can apply for additional location licenses — for example, serving samples, selling wine, and renting spaces. The […]

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Happy Harvest!

Happy 2014 harvest, everyone. Reports from the field: clean grapes, very few birds, practically no hens & chickens. I’m predicting that the ’14 vintage pinot noirs will be jammy and robust but with fewer tannic spirit than the ’12s, which was a remarkably dry year. I visited some of my friends (and clients) last week […]

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Not worth the risk.

I wrote this up for Jean Yates (who is brilliant, by the way — if you need dynamic social media for your winery — if you want to increase your tasting room sales — you should call her right away) and wanted to share: http://oregon-wine.com/wineries-want-big-fine-use-volunteers/ Because this is what can (will?) happen: http://www.mercurynews.com/my-town/ci_26541167/castro-valley-winery-fined-115-000-using-volunteers

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