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Idly flipping through Facebook one day, I saw a happy post: “Doctors and scientists agree, red wine is good for health!” So good, so far — if I were Roman, I’d have been at the temple of Bacchus. But then, the dreaded violation of TTB Circular 2013 13-01 happened…. Immediately following that relink were two […]

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Social Media Precautions — Part Two

A few weeks ago, we talked about the TTB and its updated social media requirements. Today we’ll finish the discussion. If a winery maintains a blog about itself and discusses its products, events, and whatnot, it too is considered to be advertising under the TTB’s regulations. Blogs, therefore, must likewise contain mandatory statements. Microblogs, on […]

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Social Media Precautions — Part One

Before you jump on twitter or Facebook to talk about your favorite wines, make sure you’re compliant with the TTB’s restrictions on social media. Today’s blog will cover the current climate — what federal law requirements and what the changes are to certain social media.  Federal law prohibits advertisements of wine, spirits, and beer from […]

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