Bologna and Wine? Always!

Every reader of this blog knows I love two things: international affairs and wine. Combine them and I’m thrilled. Let me introduce you to the Portland Bologna Sister City Association!

I first met the good folks at PBSCA when I was serving as Director of International Relations for the Mayor of Portland. One of my primary responsibilities was working closely with Portland’s robust sister cities. And Bologna…well, it holds a special place in my heart. My father lived in Bologna for a while. My husband’s uncle helped create the special relationship between the cities. And can we really overlook the amazing foods and wines from that beautiful town?

A few weeks ago the Portland Bologna Sister City Association held its annual Winter event at E&R Wine Shop. We had ten different wines along with charcuterie and delicious breads. One of the grapes was one I had never heard of, grown only in a small region right outside the city. Lovely stuff.

Plan a trip to Bologna! And until your plane tickets are ready, experience the city in Portland over at E&R!