The poster poser hoax

I received an email late last night – a client of mine has been receiving calls from the “US Corporate Compliance” office. Should I be concerned, said client wrote, should I be worried about not being in compliance?
The answer is that yes, you should be in compliance, but no, not with these folks.
Three words:
This outfit calls up new businesses and tries to pressure them into buying employment posters. But guess what? All those posters, the mandatory posters, are already available to you, dear reader.
The ones you need an Oregon will vary based on the size of your business. I’m including the ones that I think are most applicable to a winery. Feel free to open the link, print them out (black and white, color, honey BOLI badger don’t care). Some of them will change annually — but if you’re reading this post, you’re savvy enough to figure that part out. Or, as always, email or call me!
State Minimum Wage poster

State Job Health and Safety poster

State No Smoking poster

Workers’ Compensation poster

Employment Insurance Notice

(Sent to employers after an account is set up)

Federal Minimum Wage poster

Employee Polygraph Protection Act poster

Employee Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act poster

Employees’ National Labor Relations Act rights×11.pdf

Federal EEO poster

State Domestic Violence, Harassment, and Sexual Assault poster

City of Portland Sick Leave Rules poster (if your winery or tasting room is in Portland)

Foto kindly supplied by Big Foto.