Proposed Wine Regs for Washington Wineries

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is seeking input on proposed wine regulations.

The proposed regulations have some expanded rights for domestic wineries (albeit those that pay an extra fee). As the regs currently stand, a domestic winery can apply for additional location licenses — for example, serving samples, selling wine, and renting spaces. The proposed regs would permit such wineries to sell wine growlers in “kegs or sanitary containers.”

As I have said before, I believe wine growlers are an innovative way for wineries to reach consumers, but they won’t replace traditional bottles any time soon.

In addition, a winery holding an additional location license can hold a beer or wine restaurant license (with the appropriate fees, of course) — but no free samples.

What do you think? Here are the proposed regs as currently drafted:

You can comment by email (, fax (360-360-664-9689), or snail mail (Rules Coordinator; LCB; PO Box 43080; Olympia, WA 98504-3080).

Your comments are due November 5 and there is a public hearing at 10 am that day at the WSLCB’s conference room at 3000 Pacific Avenue in Olympia.