TTB adds interviews…?

After my many years working with the TTB on manufacturer/wholesaler permits, the agency has decided to begin interviewing applicants. And here are the questions they asked, along with a few of my recommended answers – of course, always be honest:

To whom are you selling wines? To distributors in my home state, to retailers in my home state, and to consumers over age 20 but only if I have my state’s legal ability to sell it first. I won’t sell outside the state unless I have that state’s permission first. 

Which entity is producing your wines? Address, permit number? This isn’t you! This is your custom crush host.

Where are you storing product? A

Are you doing online sales?

What is your source of funds? Note – they wanted to know the ‘old’ answer of “personal savings” rather than the ‘new’ answer of “checking account.” Money from my savings.

Were you gifted money? Nope.

Who is running the day to day operations of your business? Me.

What will be your source of capital moving forward? Profits.

What is your business address?

Have you had any arrests?

Is there anyone not a citizen who will be involved in the business? Note – I mean….that’s not an ok question by any means, but….No.

Do you plan on changing the business structure of your entity immediately after being approved? No.

Are you currently storing any alcoholic products? Note – what a vague question! I made the agent define what she meant here – yes, my client in the wine industry has bottles of wine at his/her house…

Have you ever abandoned or withdrawn an application with the TTB?