Measure 91 Series — What else will be regulated?

Earlier this week, we reviewed the licensing OLCC will promulgate rules concerning — but surely there will be more rules to come! Indeed. Many more.

The OLCC will also most likely develop rules on the “seed to sale” tracking system. Colorado and Washington require inventory tracking software for their licensees. This ensures that taxes are properly collected and inventory does not migrate from the legal market. The OLCC will promulgate rules that ensure that every plant is tracked via a code from being a seedling to the final sale to the consumer.

In addition, the OLCC must examine, research, and report on impaired driving back to the legislature by 2017. The OLCC will partner with the DOJ Criminal Investigation Division and the state police to track data related to traffic incidents and intoxication.

The OLCC will surely promulgate rules related to edible marijuana. The OLCC will draft rules that edibles will be properly labeled and not appeal to minors.

Finally, the OLCC will promulgate rules related to siting of recreational businesses by licensees.