Measure 91 Series — Licensing Rules

Although Measure 91 is effective 30 days from passage — that is, December 4, 2014 — the OLCC has quite a bit of time to promulgate its rules.

The Act requires the OLCC to begin accepting license applications by January 4, 2016.

These four types of recreational marijuana licenses include a producer (that is, a grower), processor (that is, a business that will transform the raw cannabis into another product or extract and package the materials), wholesaler (that is, a business which buys in bulk and sells to resellers – not directly to consumers), and retail (that is, a business which sells directly to consumers) licenses.

Each has a license fee of $1,000 annual plus an application fee of $250.

This deadline of January 4, 2016, means that the agency will have promulgated rules prior; again, as of time of preparing this blog, the OLCC does not have a current timeline published to the public.