Measure 91 Series — What is the OLCC?

Measure 91 grants the OLCC the authority to tax, license, and regulate recreational marijuana. But what is this mysterious multi-lettered agency?

The OLCC, as the name suggests, is an agency which is led by a commission (rather than a department led by a single executive officer). The commission administers the Liquor Control Act, ORS chapter 471; the Oregon Distilled Liquor Control Act, ORS chapter 472; privilege taxes, ORS chapter 473; the Bottle Bill, ORS chapter 459A; and, as of November 4, the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act.

The commission seats a five-person board of commissioners, each of whom is appointed by the governor to a four-year term, subject to senate confirmation. ORS 471.705. There is one representative from each Congressional district. The governor also appoints the chairperson. One of the commissioners must be an industry representative, although this person may not be the chairperson. Statutorily, the industry representative comes from the food and alcoholic beverage retail industry – perhaps we will see a change to include a member from the cannabis industry on the board?

The five commissions are Chair Rob Patridge; Bob Rice; Pamela Weatherspoon; Marvin Revoal; and Michael Harper Sr. (Yes, Commissioner Harper is the former Blazer!)

Stay tuned for a thrilling review of Oregon’s administrative laws.