Winemakers’ Lawyer on Measure 91

On November 4, Oregon’s voters approved a complex regulatory system to legalize recreational marijuana. Measure 91 directs the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to regulate, license, and tax recreational marijuana. As you can anticipate, a winemakers’ lawyer works with the OLCC often. I find the Measure 91 regulations and rulemaking progress fascinating (who wouldn’t?!). I have co-chaired a day-long seminar in December 2014 and am teaching another class in March 2015, writing articles and fielding questions in the interim.

I will be publishing a series of blog articles in the weeks to come discussing the structure of the OLCC; Oregon’s administrative law process; the regulatory framework of Measure 91; what the OLCC will likely consider and create rules about; and the timelines for its public hearings.

If you wish to learn more about the OLCC’s rule-making process, subscribe to its releases at The OLCC has also set up a discrete email address for questions related to recreational marijuana at