Congress set to unveil new Farm Bill

The most current version of the Farm Bill – signed into law by President Trump – will expire in 2023. Every five years, the legislative and executive administrations work to create a new Farm Bill. What can we expect to see with Congress and under the Biden Administration? Keep in mind two things: the orientation […]

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TTB adds interviews…?

After my many years working with the TTB on manufacturer/wholesaler permits, the agency has decided to begin interviewing applicants. And here are the questions they asked, along with a few of my recommended answers – of course, always be honest: To whom are you selling wines? To distributors in my home state, to retailers in my home state, […]

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Best Wines to Take to Deserted Isle?

The brilliant Andy Perdue published a tasty article this week about his favorite wine picks if stranded on a deserted isle. This coincides with my annual viewings of Naked and Afraid – the Discovery show wherein a man and a woman are left to fend for themselves for 21 days without food or water. Why […]

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Tasting Room Music – Beware!

Your favorite winemakers’ lawyer emails you: “Congrats! You’ve just gotten your OLCC WY ATO! But before you play music in your TR, beware of PRO letters from BMI or ASCAP or SESAC!” What on earth? Let’s break down those letters. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which licenses you an Authority to Operate for a Winery […]

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Idly flipping through Facebook one day, I saw a happy post: “Doctors and scientists agree, red wine is good for health!” So good, so far — if I were Roman, I’d have been at the temple of Bacchus. But then, the dreaded violation of TTB Circular 2013 13-01 happened…. Immediately following that relink were two […]

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