Proposed Wine Regs for Washington Wineries

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is seeking input on proposed wine regulations. The proposed regulations have some expanded rights for domestic wineries (albeit those that pay an extra fee). As the regs currently stand, a domestic winery can apply for additional location licenses — for example, serving samples, selling wine, and renting spaces. The […]

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Happy Harvest!

Happy 2014 harvest, everyone. Reports from the field: clean grapes, very few birds, practically no hens & chickens. I’m predicting that the ’14 vintage pinot noirs will be jammy and robust but with fewer tannic spirit than the ’12s, which was a remarkably dry year. I visited some of my friends (and clients) last week […]

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Don’t leave your kids in the car

I walked through a parking lot on a hot day the other day and saw a child unattended in car. The windows of the car were rolled up but the sunroof was open. The little girl sitting in the car playing on her ipad couldn’t have been more than eight years old. What would you […]

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Not worth the risk.

I wrote this up for Jean Yates (who is brilliant, by the way — if you need dynamic social media for your winery — if you want to increase your tasting room sales — you should call her right away) and wanted to share: Because this is what can (will?) happen:

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The Dangerous Intern

I often see bright young people eager to begin their professional careers by agreeing to volunteer in exchange for substantive work experience and a strong line on their resumes. If the organization for whom they are working is a municipality or a non-profit, this isn’t likely to raise my concerns. But when an employer is […]

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Spend a Penny, Save a Pound

Two news articles came across my desktop today, both with a chilling message for employers out there. They come with two messages. Here’s the first message: hire an employment lawyer. And the second? I mean it. Hire an employment lawyer. The first article is about a celebrity who had a share of a restaurant in […]

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Social Media Precautions — Part Two

A few weeks ago, we talked about the TTB and its updated social media requirements. Today we’ll finish the discussion. If a winery maintains a blog about itself and discusses its products, events, and whatnot, it too is considered to be advertising under the TTB’s regulations. Blogs, therefore, must likewise contain mandatory statements. Microblogs, on […]

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Watch out!

OLCC stings target wineries

Between June 7 and 24, the OLCC targeted businesses, bars, and wineries throughout the state. As I analyze the data from the various stings, I am pleased with the compliant wineries and warily anticipate more to come in months ahead. I will isolate stings in two areas of the state known for its wine, the […]

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